Enjoy The Protection Of Owners Of Safe Rent You Will Have The Best Guarantees In The Rent

One of our objectives is to avoid late payment of the rent to all our owners and help them enjoy a protected lease. Alquiler Seguro is the first private company specialized in the protection of homeowners and a pioneer in the implementation of preventive measures to avoid late payments.

Thanks to an exclusive and innovative management system, we guarantee all our owners the timely payment of the rent on the 5th of each month and 0% of delinquency.

Promotion Of The Property

An attractive advertisement, a book of real estate and professional photos, management of visits … A specialized advisor will be responsible for promoting your home in the leading real estate portals until you find your perfect tenant.

Search And Selection Of The Perfect Tenant

The secret of a secure rental is to have a perfect tenant. Through an exhaustive financial scoring or solvency and viability analysis, we will verify that the tenant candidate is reliable and not a tenant avoiding cases like this. Also, by consulting the main delinquency files, such as delinquent tenant file (FIM), Experian or ASNEF, we will know your background as a payer and as a tenant; with the possibility of registering tenants who do not pay in them.

Elaboration Of The Contract

To avoid problems in the rental, it is essential that all the clauses of the lease agreement are by the law. From our Legal Department, formed by the best lawyers expert in the Urban Leasing Law, your rental contract will be drafted. In this way, you can be sure that the rights of the landlord, the rights of the tenant and the obligations of both are exposed clearly and directly.…

Integral Rental Management

With our essential rental management service, we take another step to simplify the most complicated part of the process: incidents. Optionally, and upon your request, we manage any event that occurs in your rental apartment until it is solved, benefiting from the best payment advantages thanks to our property management specialists.

Private Area

From your private area, you will be able to communicate with your tenant through an exclusive and pioneering internal and anonymous communication tool, in this way we eliminate the need to give the tenant a telephone or email contact and expedite the procedures, leaving a record of everything in writing. Also, you can follow the processing of incidents in real time if you decide to hire Seguro the full management of your rental, consult your lease, download your tax report and many more facilities designed exclusively for you.

Benefits For Owners

Watchful Network

The intelligent network for home automation connects motion detectors, glass break sensors and blind control with its alarm system. And if you wish, the emergency button with your mobile phone.

Quick Response

Do not be caught by surprise. The smoke detector will alert you and the other inhabitants of the house in case of smoke or fire. In the same way, water or gas leaks are detected and reported immediately, before any irreparable damage could occur. Even when he is not at home!

Everything Under Control

Enjoy your vacation without worries. Execmortgageofmi security options can make your home look inhabited even if no one is around. Just get comfortable and relax.